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Uriel’s Message – You Live in Grace

You came into this life in a state of grace, perfect in every way. And although you do not always see yourselves as perfect, you live each day of your life in grace. The fears and doubts that you have about yourselves, your path, your purpose and even your reason for being here cause you to step outside of grace. Each time you see yourselves as imperfect you fall from grace, not in the eyes of the Creator or Source, but in your own eyes. The disconnection is created, and you have created it.

The state of grace is always yours and it is available to you because you have the unconditional love of the Creator available to you at all times. When you doubt your perfection, you shut off the flow of unconditional love and of grace. Someone who moves effortlessly, with fluid ease, is described as graceful. Someone who is accommodating, sincere, and kind is called gracious.

These qualities describe external manifestations of grace. There are also internal manifestations of grace that are not visible to others but that are very real to each of you. These internal manifestations of grace begin with accepting yourself as perfect, no matter who you are, what you do or what your life circumstances reflect at any moment.

When you live in grace you accept and acknowledge your connection to Source so that each moment is an opportunity for you to step further into grace and into unconditional love. Living in grace is being in the flow, of allowing energy to flow into and out of your life, of no resistance, no fear, and no doubt. You trust in a powerful way, not wanting the Universe to control or manage your life, but as a partner in universal creation of matter from energy, of moving in an effortless flow of outcome and intention.

There may be little reward for living in grace in your world. You may not receive compliments for doing your job with grace, or driving your car with grace. But when you go about your daily lives knowing that your every thought and act is in perfection, you are living in grace. And this will be reflected in how your life unfolds and in your interactions with others.

There is no place for judgment, hatred, anger or fear in a state of grace and when live your life in grace, others will extend it to you. Then you become true co-creators of your desired reality because with grace there is no fear, doubt or judgment, only abundance, love and joy. Grace arises from faith and trust and the inner knowledge of your connection to the Source and of the divine and unconditional love that is always yours.

It is not possible to ‘fall from grace’ as your religions teach you because that is a denial of the unconditional love of the Creator. The only way that you remove yourselves from grace is through your own doubts and fears about your perfection. Spend each day acknowledging that you always live in grace. Start by accepting your perfection and knowing that this is how the Creator sees you.

Then, do everything with grace, acknowledging the perfection of your thoughts and actions, all of them. Resist the urge to judge yourself or others. If you feel that you have stepped out of or have fallen from grace, the only correction that is required is that you re-affirm your connection to the Source of unconditional love and you will be in grace once again.

Grace is the Creator’s gift to you, an acknowledgement of the boundless Source of unconditional love that each of you is connected to. When you live in grace, you raise the vibrations of humanity and the world and can help others to step into grace as well. This is your mission, your purpose in life. And this is how you will bring heaven on earth.

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