Uriel’s Message—Who Has the Answers
When you are faced with confusing situations, who do you go to for answers? Do you spend time talking with others, reviewing the situation countless times and asking for others’ opinions? Do you seek guidance and counsel from others and see it as more valid than your own? As you have learned, what works for others does not always work for you and when you forget that you have the answers, you look to others hoping that they will shed light on what you should do next. Have you considered that since you created the situation you also have all of the answers that you need to resolve it?

It is natural for you to seek the wisdom and counsel of others when you have a problem. But that just puts more energy towards the problem as you are focusing on what has happened instead of how to resolve it. Discussing a situation over and over with others serves to reaffirm the existence of the problem and to define it as such. There are no problems, only lessons that exist to remind you of who you are and to help you with your spiritual growth. Every situation that you define as a problem is really an opportunity for you to figure something out for yourself. Asking others’ opinions is a normal reaction but their response will reflect what they would do and is not always relevant to you.

Sometimes, getting others’ opinions can be even more confusing as you now have several different ways of resolving the situation. And if you do not take others’ advice, you risk offending them, especially if the problem persists, despite your best efforts. Consider whether you ask others for advice because in addition to advice and help, you also want sympathy and an acknowledgement of the difficulty that you are facing. When you go to others for sympathy, you must also accept their advice and solutions. But their answers cannot reflect your life situation and cannot consider all of the options that are available to you. To know that, you must go to yourself for the answers.

Trusting that you have the answers is difficult when you acknowledge your responsibility for creating your reality. The question then becomes, if you already knew the answers, why would you create the situation in the first place? Since you learn by doing, your ability to find your own answers and solutions gives you confidence in your capabilities and a sense of your own power. Being able to successfully resolve a difficult situation proves to yourself that you can make changes in your reality. The next step is to choose the realities that you create. Learn to ask yourself ‘why am I choosing to do this’ before you take a step in that direction and your answer may very well prevent you from creating a reality that stops your journey. Trust that you have the answers to all of the questions and you know what to do. Trust in your inner wisdom and guidance and you will always make the best choices that serve your Highest Good.

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