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Uriel’s Message – Where Are You Being?

The Lightworkers who are present in the world come from many times and places, many dimensions, planets, universes and solar systems and all are present at this time to assist in the earth’s ascension. While you are aware of the ascension of this planet, it is a cycle that repeats throughout the universe and ushers in a new age for an entire universe.

Each ascension cycle and process allows ascension to occur on many different dimensions. While you are part of this cycle at this time and in this place, you have chosen to work with the third dimensional earth at this time and your being is the presence, in the form of your light and energy, that has agreed to participate in this process.

It is easier for you to be in the world of spirit, in higher dimensions, or places which have a higher frequency or vibration than that of the earth at this time. The moments prior to ascension are always the most challenging, which is why so many of you who feel lost and confused, that you do not belong here or who wish to depart, are struggling with these final hours.

But your being, which is your energy and light, has agreed to be here and staying grounded in the earth’s energies, which is where ascension and transformation are occurring, is your contribution to the planet’s ascension. You are here by choice and as a willing participant in the universal ascension which includes that of the earth and is not limited to the earth.

Your being, the aligned aspects of your light, divinity, power and truth, is present at all times. But when it is expressed through your fears, your being is no longer grounded in the present moment and when you focus on your desire to be elsewhere or your belief that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you diminish your power and effectiveness.

You are your I AM presence in each moment and to express that most powerfully, you must be aware of the perfection of your purpose and agreement in each moment by remembering that you are here by choice and through your powerful commitment to universal ascension and transformation.

You are where you need to be at this time, there is no other place for you to be and your soul has agreed to participate in this ascension cycle because you have important, necessary and powerful contributions to make. Although you long for a less stressful, easier, more energetically compatible environment, you each bring an energetic frequency that the new earth requires and this is your gift to ascension.

Know that you are being what you have been for eons of time and through many ascension cycles, an energetic agent of transformation. When you stay aligned and grounded in this purpose, you are grounded and aligned with the earth and sharing your unique being in its most powerful expression, fulfilling your role in this cycle and helping to bring heaven to earth.

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