Who you are, your life purpose, the purpose of your life, the journey you create and the choices you make are all based in truth. Truth is not given to you or created for you, it is a vibrational frequency that you create based on your judgments. In other words, truth is a perception that is created when an energy flow is frozen by a judgment. Each person has their own truth and you are joined to others through the intersections of your truths.

Freezing energy is how you create your reality because from spirit requires a dense reality to be in physical space. This is how you learn lessons and create the ascending evolution that is humanity’s path. You create judgments and freeze energy in a specific truth so you can make it false, this is your healing journey. Through these judgments you create ‘I am not’ scenarios so you can recall your ‘I AM’ presence. Many of these ‘I am not’ scenarios are mirrored by others, through their actions and words. Instead of trying to change their truth, know that they are helping you to change yours.

The truth connections occur when someone’s truth resonates with a truth you also hold, even if you do not believe it to be true for you. This truth is often an aspect of your ‘I am not’ truth and you respond with rejection. But this does not make it untrue, and it holds powerful learning, healing and transformation for you. It is by acknowledge the painful truth as reflections of your own beliefs and understanding that you achieve the healing these truths hold for you.

There are no lies because everyone acts, speaks and believes from their truth, which is a unique mirror of their energy. You may call it a lie but it is true for them and reflects the truth they choose to believe, integrate and align with at that time. Do you feel an obligation to change their truth? What is it resonating with for you? What new truths can you create for yourself that serve your life’s healing purpose, evolve your purpose into a  higher aspect, manifest new potentials for your life path and transform your journey from karma into creation?

That is the purpose of their truth and why you may find it annoying, frustrating, anger-causing or uncomfortable. When you feel this, you know that a truth connection has been made. Now you can use this truth to activate a more powerful aspect of your I AM presence and change your truth. Of course, you can be angry with the other person but that does not accomplish anything on your healing journey. Instead of judgment, explore your truth and create a new truth for your life that allows you to evolve into higher frequencies and explore expanded aspects of your unlimited I AM presence. Be the truth you wish to know yourself through and you will find the peace, joy and love that is the truth of your soul.

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