What Do You Know?

What do you know about yourself, your value, your possibility, your potential? Is what you know based on your personal experience or on what someone else told you? When others tell you what they know, they are speaking from their truth. If you accept that, you are accepting their truth as yours. And you will use that to create your reality. But it will be out of balance because you have accepted another’s truth as the truth for you. Then what you know, and the information you will use to create the next step on your path, is based on what someone else has told you.

Living through what you know is one of the lessons of the Shift. Its challenge is to speak your truth, to create your reality based on what you know is possible for you. When you share your goals and thoughts with others, you invite them to share their truth with you. Sometimes that truth incorporates their fears and hesitation and they may respond through their fear and doubt. In this way, they share their fear with you. Then their fears become yours and where you were once unafraid and confident, you will become hesitant and uncertain. Are they right, should you believe them, are their concerns justified? Have you now made their fears yours?

Whatever each of you knows, thinks and believes is what is true for you. It cannot be believed or experienced by anyone else. Others’ fears are unique to them and cannot be experienced by anyone else in the same way. When you share your good with others, they may not respond with appreciation and validation. Instead, what you hear as concern may simply reflect their fear based on their experience. That is what is right and true for them; it is not necessarily right and true for you.

This week, examine what you know to be true in your life. Is it based on your own experience and beliefs, or is it what you have heard from others? Can you eliminate what others have told you and find your own truth? Your Highest Good is expressed through what you know, the information that comes from that part of you that acknowledges your divinity, your Source connection, your power and your truth. If what you know has its basis in fear, it is not from your Higher Self and does not reflect your power and potential. What you know, whatever you accept as the truth in every part of your life is the foundation for every aspect of your reality. You are a limitless being, capable of living a miraculous life. Let that be your truth, what you know, and you will create a reality that reflects heaven on earth, that is your birthright.

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