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Originally channeled on May 17, 2004, this message addresses the powerful issue of self worth, what you believe you are worth or worthy of receiving. Without an alignment between your self worth, the belief that you are worthy of receiving what you are asking for, and your own value system, you will not be able to create what you are asking for.

What do you believe you are worth? Not in terms of money, but in all other aspects of your life. What are you worth in terms of respect, acceptance, recognition, success, love, joy and abundance? Have you considered this subject? As you learn the processes of co-creation and manifestation, understanding your beliefs about your worth will determine to what extent you can create a reality that reflects your desires. Because you will only be able to create a reality that reflects your self-worth.

Now is the time to assess your beliefs about your self- worth. As you begin this process, consider how your own self-worth reflects those things that you were told as a child, the self-worth that you see reflected in the lives of your family members and even your life partners and friends. All of the individuals in your life will have a self-worth that is similar to yours. Is your self-worth where you would like it to be?

If you feel that your self-worth could be increased, consider the areas of your life that are currently not where you would like them to be. Are you worthy of a loving relationship, a new home, a good-paying job, happiness, and joy in your life? Begin this manifestation by affirming that every day. Create your own ‘self- worth’ list every day and read it aloud to yourself. Some examples are ‘I am worth of a loving, respectful relationship.’ ‘I am worthy of a high-paying job in an establishment that treats its employees well.’ ‘I am worthy of a new home in a nice area.’ ‘I am worthy of abundance in all areas of my life now.’

Remember that you create your reality through your belief systems and that changing your beliefs then changes your reality. You are beginning to realize your creative power and to ensure that you create the best possible reality, know where your self-worth boundaries are and then re-create them to reflect the reality that you desire. Know that each of you is infinitely wonderful and special and a child of the Creator God, worthy of the infinite abundance and boundless prosperity of the Universe. Make it yours by making it part of your belief system. Then manifest a reality that reflects your self-worth as the infinite, divine beings that you are.

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