The aspects of energy that you can align with and integrate is expanding rapidly and as your awareness grows, you see and know many different kinds of energy. This can make you feel bewildered and confused, as you may expect to see only light or higher vibrations and outcomes and yet you are even more aware of what you call the darkness, fear, evil, and cruelty. Why do you  not only see the light and feel the highest vibrations? Because you need to see both light and dark, as the darkness is what you need to know to raise the light and it is your guide for the amount of light you can shine in the world.

With every energetic expansion awareness expands perception in all directions, so where you could have seen what was in front of you, you are now aware of that as well as everything around it. You see and know with greater clarity and fewer limitations. The price of this level of awareness is having greater levels of  non-judgment and discernment. You are not seeing the dark side of the world and humanity to cause you pain, you are seeing it so you can raise the light and know where to shine.

Because 3D is a polarity frequency, every dense frequency has a lighter equivalent. For example, sadness has a light equivalent in joy, tears turn to laughter, and pain becomes freedom. But if you have no awareness of the density, then you have no knowledge of where to place your intention, how to shine your light, and how much light to shine. Each of you has a purpose and mission for the light, as emissaries of Source and sparks of divine light. To fulfill this mission you must know where to shine the most brightly.

The darkest of energies allow themselves to be seen when it is time for them to be transmuted into a lighter aspect of themselves. These energetic aspects are not destroyed, they are transformed into a higher aspect as part of the ascension and evolution. All things are ascending now, so all things require light. As you notice a dark aspect that causes you sadness or pain, let it  be your signal to know where to shine your light, how brightly to shine, and assist the darkness in becoming the light.

The light does not need more light shine on it, it is the darkness created by the most dense energies of 3D that require light. As you become more aware of yourself as a light being and you raise your frequency, you also become more aware of where your light is needed. Shine your light the most brightly on the energies of fear,  despair, pain, suffering, powerlessness, control, domination, and lack of compassion. Be a light source for the world and use the darkness as a guide to know where and how to shine your light in the most effective, loving, expansive, intentional, and purpose-filled way. This is how you bring heaven on earth and this is how ascension continues to move forward.


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