The Universe is Benevolent 

Do you know that you live in a kind and benevolent Universe whose only desire is for you to understand, integrate, and live through the concepts of unconditional love, awareness, acceptance, and unlimited abundance? Are you aware that you are here for a single purpose–to understand how to bring ‘heaven on earth’ and to combine the spiritual and material energies together, creating an understanding of unconditional love, expanded awareness, and forgiveness that will lift your own consciousness and create a possibility of this paradigm all of humanity? 

Are you aware that your purpose is to ‘be’ who you are and that ‘doing’ flows from ‘being’? Understand that it is not an accident that you are called human ‘beings’. Yet, many persist in doing their best to become human ‘doings’.

When your focus is on ‘doing’ in the material world, that becomes your objective and you can lose focus on or awareness of the spiritual. If you can focus on the ‘being’ aspect of your nature then you can change that paradigm so that your spiritual focus is always present and you effortlessly integrate it with the material. When your focus is on doing, you are telling the Universe that you do not need its help.

If your life is difficult, you feel challenged to ‘do’ more to change it rather than look for the spiritual purpose behind the difficulty and the spirit-guided solutions that are present and available. A continuous focus on ‘doing’ can place you in a ‘doing spiral’ where you seem to be doing more and more with fewer rewards and blessings. You can begin to feel like a victim in your own life. But there is no victimhood in spiritual law. You become a victim when you create a reality for yourself that is focused on the material and not the spiritual, when you are focused on ‘doing’ instead of on ‘being’.

Creating heaven on earth requires faith and trust that the Universe will always serve your Highest Good and meet you at every point of intention and energy in your life. But because you do not ‘see’ the powers that assist you, it is difficult to believe that they are actually there. Why do miracles occur at the zero hour, at the moment when everything else has failed and when you believe that only divine intervention will save the situation? Because at that moment you have released your fear and your need to control or manage every outcome.  You know that you have done everything that you could and you believe that the only alternative available to you has to come from a divine and benevolent source. You are, at that moment, in a position of complete faith and trust, fully connected with your Source and believing in the presence of a benevolent universe. And then a miracle occurs.

But you do not have to wait until your situation is one of desperation to create this as part of your everyday reality. When you understand that you always have a connection to the Universal Source, or to God, and that you have the power to activate the blessings that come from that connection on a continuous basis, you can create your own heaven on earth. Suddenly, life no longer seems like a mystery and you allow divine intervention, synchronicity, and miracles to flow. Blessings come from unexpected sources and your life becomes an effortless unfoldment.

This does require some effort and intention on your part–you must create your intention, believe in your divine connection, and have faith that your needs will be met and your intentions fulfilled. Then the focus of your activities, your ‘doing’, is open to a new set of possibilities that are aligned with your new ‘being’, which is integrated with your Source connection and your divinity.

Remember that you are divine, spiritual beings having a human experience. Connect to that source of power by creating room in your awareness for your spiritual connection. Then you allow the flow of blessings to come to you in every part of your life. This creates an energetic pattern that raises your vibration and that of everyone around you. It only takes your acknowledgement of this connection for it to become part of your reality. Then you allow the blessings to flow because you have raised your energetic vibration to a level that can connect to the energy of miracles, of unconditional love, and unlimited abundance. And this is where you find the ‘peace that passes all understanding’ and create your ‘heaven on earth’.

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Many blessings,

Jennifer Hoffman



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