This message was channeled on April 24, 2004 and it explains how powerful healing can be, when we do it with the right intention and in the right way.

The Power of Healing

Many of you are going through periods of healing, trials and situations that have created many difficulties for you. Know that these are essential for your healing and that as you heal, you allow those around you to heal as well. Each one of you is so important in the transition through the Shift. As you heal, the increase in your energy serves to raise the energy and consciousness of the entire planet. Some have asked about others that they wish would heal, including those their soul group that they wish to help through the healing process.

Each person’s healing is in their control and they have the free will to heal–or not–in accordance with their ability to process, understand and respond to the changing vibrations of the Shift. Each person who heals opens the door to healing to those in their soul group. But those who enter the healing process must do so willingly. It is not possible for anyone to influence or participate in another’s healing. As difficult as it may be for you to allow this, this is how it must be.

The only thing that you can do to help another heal is to heal yourself. This changes the vibrational energy between you and others and allows you to heal your existing karmic issues. As you do this, you change the dynamics between you and this allows the other person to accept, respond and relate to you in different ways. While this is what you hope will happen there is little that you can do to force or cause it to happen. Each person heals according to their own ability and willingness to acknowledge their need to heal and the areas in which they can accept healing.

Understand that your own healing process will allow others around you to heal. Focus your intention on your healing and on the type of relationships that you want to have in your life. Once you heal and remove karma, you create the possibility for other options to become available to you. Then it is important that you set your intention for what types of relationships you desire and how you want others to relate to you. The people and situations that can meet those criteria will flow into your life and those that cannot will leave, to perhaps return when they too have healed. This is all part of the process of healing and know that all is well and in Divine Order, you are blessed and loved.



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