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Thank you for joining the Archangel Uriel community and welcome to our website.

about Jennifer Hoffman

Hi, it’s Jennifer Hoffman and I would like to thank you for your interest in the messages of Archangel Uriel, one of my spirit guides since 2003.

You will find a link to download your *free* 10 Secrets to Communicating with your Angels and Spirit Guides ebook here too. Look for the link on this page.

If this is your first visit to the website, I encourage you to look around, read some of the posts. You can click here to visit the store where you can find meditations, books, and more to assist you on your spiritual journey.

To read my story and how I began to channel Uriel (which I did not really want to do at the time I was asked to), visit the About Jennifer Page. There is also a page for Archangel Uriel and his special purpose in being here at this time.

You will receive both the Enlightening Life newsletter each week, it is published on Mondays and Wednesdays (US time), and the Uriel Heals newsletter is published twice a month.

I also invite you to join me each Wednesday evening at 8PM US central time for the 90 minute Enlightening Life Radio show on Blog Talk Radio. On the show we discuss the newsletter, topics of interest, do meditations and energy exercises and I take callers in the second part of the show. Click here to visit the show page and to listen to the archives.

You are also invited to join the Light  Beacons membership community, where we expand our Light Work to become Light  Beacons, shining our light as examples of joyful, joy-filled, abundant living, moving from healing to wholeness and using the teachings of Archangel Uriel as channeled by Jennifer.  You can read more about the monthly membership at the  Light Beacons page here.

I encourage you to read these in the context of your own divinity, each of us is a spark of the Divine light of God, you are a master in and of your life and being your mastery is your life purpose. How can you live through your mastery without questioning it? Just know that it is there and begin from that point. You are a master so everything is possible for you. What do you want in this moment? Set your intention for it so you can create it.

ebook downloadClick here to download your 10 Secrets to Communicating with your Angels & Spirit Guides ebook. While it is offered as my gift to you, it is copyrighted material and may not be shared or used in any publication, posted on any website or used in a class or seminar and you do not have the right to use it in any way, other than for your personal use and stored on your personal computer or digital media device.

To download the ebook, which is a .pdf file, right mouse click on the “click here” link above (MAC users should click Control and right mouse click), choose ‘save link as’ from the dialogue box and then choose a place on your hard drive to save the file to. You must save the ebook to your computer to keep a copy, it does not save itself.

Again, welcome and I am honored to be part of your journey and thank you for being part of mine.

Many blessings,

Jennifer Hoffman

Please email if you have any questions.

Jennifer is available for speaking and teaching engagements, Email Jennifer for details.

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