The need to know the reason for lessons is one way you try to understand why you experience life challenges. But nothing happens to you without your direction, control, willingness, and participation. Every event and experience is part of the path of  reconnection to wholeness which you create for each lifetime. When you ask for answers you place others, including Source, in control of your life path, in the hope that somehow what you receive will explain and justify the pain, doubt, confusion, and suffering that you experience. There is only one answer and you will find it when you seek clarity first.

But what you need to know in order to understand the reasons for your challenges and pain is clarity about your purpose and mission in creating them, the healing you desire, your continuing search for wholeness, and the transformation that you hoped to achieve with them. Without clarity, answers have no meaning or value because to have clarity you must also acknowledge your power and the control you have over every aspect of your life.

Every healing path is a journey in reconnection with your power, value, deserving, and worthiness. Any challenge or painful experience is a reminder that you are unworthy of joy, peace, and love which is a decision you make through the ego. It is your humanity that creates the pain-filled path to reconnection, while Spirit merely asks you to remember that you are already divine, powerful, worthy, valuable and valued, loved, and whole.

When you ask questions from the point of receiving clarity, you can learn where you have disconnected yourself, for Source can never and would never disconnect from you. When you simply want answers, you make yourself a victim of your experiences.

Clarity reveals the purpose of your lessons, how you created their details, and what you wanted to atone for or resolve through them. Clarity requires acceptance of your power and with it, the creation of your path, no matter how painful it has been. You can provide your own answers when you have clarity because there is only one answer to any question about your life path, which is a return to wholeness and reconnection to Source. There is no other answer.

Seek clarity and then use it embrace the truth about yourself, you are already whole, connected, you are an emanation of Source light so you are already divine, and you are worthy of love and are always loved. The search for wholeness and connection can never be completed because you cannot receive what you already have, and you cannot be given what is already yours by your divine birthright.

With the gift of clarity comes the awareness that will allow the bright light of your highest aspects to shine so you can become the beacon of light who creates a joyful, love-led path that powerfully proclaims your sovereignty over fear, and your masterful co-creative partnership with Spirit whose purpose is to fulfill your mission of bringing heaven on earth.