Archangel Uriel Channeled message – Light Dispels Darkness

This message was first channeled in March 2004 and it seems so appropriate now. I do not know what happened in March 2004 that was described as ‘global violence’ but that theme has definitely been repeating in the past decade.

Uriel’s Message:

The global violence of the past weeks has left many of you fearful and wondering whether the world really is coming to an end. Know that this is all part of the Divine Plan. There is much unrest among parts of the world’s populations but their darkness is overshadowed by the light of many more who refuse to allow the illusion of fear to cloud their Truth.

You have been told that these would be difficult times and as you grow closer to the first wave of the Shift, which will happen in early April, the forces who do not want the Shift to occur are intensifying their efforts. If you believe that God and the Universe are supporting your own lives, do you not also believe that they support the entire world? Know that they do and that all is well.

All change is preceded by a recognition of the need for change. You do not put a new light bulb in your lamp, for example, until the old one blows out. And it generally does so with a brilliant flash and a loud noise. On a global level, this is what is occurring. The realization that change is necessary comes in the face of discomfort and loss.

If you are afraid of the coming changes, find the reason for your fear. Know that your fear only feeds upon itself. Do not believe what you hear from others–trust your inner guidance. Forgive those who hurt you, forgive yourself for your own missteps. That is the message of Archangel Uriel–karma can only be healed in the face of forgiveness and light always dispels darkness.




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