The Healing Crisis

The ascension journey involves a process of healing, learning, growth, and transformation, which moves us along the evolutionary spiral so we can live beyond the energetic forces of karmic destiny that have long been the foundation for our life paths and determined our choices. The end result of this process will be a reconnection to our Source-based divinity where we become divine humans, in a perfect partnership of spiritual and material.

The first part of that journey is healing and it is the one we usually have the most trouble with. Not necessarily the healing part because we willingly take on all kinds of healing experiences with everyone in our soul group. The problem is we get stuck in healing cycles, where we continue to take on the same kinds of healing experiences, over and over again, never moving beyond them.

Once we do begin to move beyond them we experience a healing crisis, which is a period when everything seems to get worse instead of better. And it does feel like it is getting worse because we disconnect ourselves from the energy we have been using to maintain our healing connections, empower our life in limited ways (to stay within the healing cycle), maintain connections that we do not resonate well with, and in general, hold ourselves down energetically. Then when we shift our energy, and begin to be more empowered, the true level of the drama and chaos that we have been surrounded by is now revealed, which can be very shocking and usually is.

Here is why a healing crisis is so tough — because we have been balancing the chaos and drama in our lives, and within our healing cycles, with our own energy. When we raise our vibrations and shift our energy, we remove the energy that has been filtering  the drama and chaos, and now we are faced with the truth of our situations and sometimes it’s an ugly truth.

The healing crisis is an opportunity to get to the foundation of a situation and dredge up every related energy,  including what we are contributing, whether that is a limitation that we put on ourselves, or holding out for an expected outcome from someone, we get to see it all with our healing crisis. This allows us to fully complete the healing by showing us the real details of an issue, without the filters that our energy, in the form of healing expectations, has created.

So a relationship issue that has been festering for months or years may suddenly erupt or end. And there may be peripheral effects, so we may also have a financial crisis, if we have security issues intertwined with our relationship needs.

Or, healing an issue with our parents or siblings may erupt into a major family crisis that splits the family and we have to decide whether we want to maintain this connection and all of its drama, or not.

A desire to change jobs may result in extended unemployment with severe financial consequences, if what we believe we should do is not aligned with what we really want to do, or what our soul is calling us to do.

You’re probably wondering whether the healing crisis ends and what happens next.

The healing crisis ends when we release ourselves from the healing cycle, which is often easier said than done because these things always impact important areas of our lives, generally our areas of greatest attachment, fear, and healing.

Here is how to deal with a healing crisis:

1. Realize that a healing crisis is happening and that it is an opportunity to exit a healing cycle. You have two choices, continue the cycle or move forward. This is your moment to decide which one it will be. If you decide to stay where you are, you can ignore the rest of the steps in this process because they won’t apply to you until you are ready to move forward. But if you decide to move forward, this is the path you can follow to let your healing crisis bring you closure and resolution, and propel you out of this healing cycle and into a new beginning.

2. The next step in our healing journey is learning, so focus on what you need to learn from this situation. What lessons does it hold for you? Where have you done this before, repeated this pattern, seen this particular outcome?

3. Growth is the next step, how can you grow from this, and by that I mean to expand your energy and move beyond this need for healing, that includes you and whoever else is involved, or any situation that is part of this experience. Ask yourself what kind of life situations, people, experiences do you want in your life instead of those that are healing focused.

4.  Transformation is the final step and it involves only one person, you. One of the lessons of  a healing cycle is that we do not have the power to heal anyone, we can only heal ourselves. Realizing that we have no power over anyone’s life but our own, cannot influence or even impact their choices can be a very sobering moment, especially if that person is very close to us or is important to us. What is the transformation that you have been seeking through this experience? Remember that this is your life path and everyone on it serves your healing purpose. What was the transformation you wanted, how have others participated in it, and how can you set an intention for a new outcome for yourself that integrates all of the healing, learning, and growth you hav experienced?

During a healing crisis everything seems to get worse and the situation can quickly escalate until our entire life seems to be falling apart. If this happens, and it is happening to many people if you’re wondering whether it is just you who is experiencing this kind of gut-wrenching, often heart-breaking life situation,  it is important not to allow fear to replace faith and trust. Fear will only extend the crisis and make it worse.

The healing crisis will pass once we shift the energy but first, we generally have to experience the energy and everything that it has created in our lives, what we have tolerated or accepted, the many different kinds of relationships and life situations it has created, and all of the lessons we need to learn.

Removing these elements essential to healing and it can be a difficult and frightening process. The healing crisis occurs because releasing our connection to the ‘old’ energy  creates a void, an empty space that we must then fill with something else.

During your healing crisis, focus on the outcome you want and set strong intentions for your life path, whether that is a new relationship, a better sense of Self, a rewarding career, or more joy in your life.

Try to avoid feelings of regret and loss over what is no longer in your life. Instead, use affirmations and keep moving towards what you do want, trusting that the Universe will always meet you at your heart’s desire.

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