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Seeking Redemption, Finding Forgiveness

Your karmic journey is a search for redemption, to find resolution of the pain that you have caused others and that others have caused you. It is a journey that repeats itself over and over again because there is no redemption without the one thing that can end the need for it and the karma that causes it, which is forgiveness. Your quest for redemption ends when you can apply unconditional forgiveness to yourself and to others. Then you no longer seek answers to questions that have no answer, you have peace and karma is finished.

Where you suffered because of others’ actions, you create a situation that provides you with opportunities to change your response. But you use these situations to ask others to not repeat their actions, or what they did to you. This is seeking redemption and the true purpose and nature of the situation is lost. Because they repeat their actions, as they are acting on your behalf, the karma cycle continues and repeats in the same way, creating another karmic cycle and an opportunity for you to re-create the situation in another lifetime.

Where others have karma with you because you have caused them pain and suffering, they attempt to change your behavior but the past is often repeated in this situation as well. And so the cycle continues. Each of you is seeking healing through redemption by re-creating the situation, hoping for a better or different outcome. Healing, which includes freedom from redemption, cannot be healed without forgiveness. With forgiveness there is no need for redemption; without forgiveness the karmic cycle repeats itself.

All of humanity has repeated these karmic cycles in an endless pattern of pain, suffering, and emotional drama. The soul seeks forgiveness and peace; the mind seeks explanations, answers, and redemption. The ego seeks proof of its worthiness by demanding a mirror that reflects worthiness. It wants to know why it was betrayed, hurt, abandoned and judged. It believes that through these answers it will find redemption.

But the true answer does not lie in these things, many of which have no explanation. Forgiveness is the answer held by the soul and to achieve forgiveness the mind must abandon all expectations of understanding ‘why’, it must simply accept and move on.

Forgiveness does not seek redemption, it knows that there is no reason to justify what happened within a past that no longer exists unless it is brought into the present moment. Seeking to justify any aspect of the past allows it to be re-created in the present. With forgiveness there is an end to karma and old cycles, an opportunity to create a new reality and the peace that allows for grace and ease to be part of all relationships.

Do not seek to know why, give those fears, frustrations, and doubts to the Universe. Let yourself forgive and abandon the need for redemption, then move into the vibration of unconditional love, peace and joy. This is heaven on earth, where there is no attachment to knowing, there is simply understanding that all is occurring in divine perfection, all is well, and as it should be.

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