This Archangel Uriel message is my favorite of the many that I have channeled over the years. I hope you enjoy it too.

Uriel’s Message – From One Breath to the Next
Do you struggle with living in the present moment? Do you see how the present moment is the only one that exists for you, that both the past and the future do not exist until you acknowledge the present moment? Living in the present moment is like breathing for you. Just as you live in this moment and move on to the next, each moment of life exists in the space between breaths. While your body can exist for long periods of time without food or water, it can live for only a few minutes without breathing. You live from one breath to the next and your survival in each moment depends on your ability to take the next breath.

There are many aspects of your physical body that do not require thought or effort. You do not have to remind your heart to beat, your muscles to work when you want to stand up or walk, your eyes to see when you want to look at the world around you, your ears to hear, your blood to flow, or your lungs to take the next breath. All of these are done for you. Imagine what your life would be like if you had to remember all of these things so they could happen. You could not focus on anything else. Breathing, which is the most important element to your physical survival, is taken care of for you. And so can you work with Spirit to manifest all of your needs.

The important functions of your physical body have been designed to operate without your attention so you could focus on other aspects of your journey. This is an example of how the material world can manifest effortlessly for you. And yet you still worry about what is going to happen from one day to the next. When your focus is on the past or the future and not on the present moment, which is where you are taking the next breath, you are ignoring the example of how Spirit works in your life. Unconditional love is in the air you breathe, it is provided to you effortlessly by the Earth and the elements that work together to ensure that you always have an abundance of air to breath and then by your body, which remembers to take each breath on your behalf.

Do you worry about where the next breath of air will come from? Of course not. This is how effortless your reality can be. Just as you do not think about whether you will remember to take the next breath or that there will be air for you to breathe, so you can release the worry about whether all of your needs will be met when you acknowledge how the Creator provides you with what you need, in unlimited abundance, as you remove your focus from worry, doubt, and fear to acceptance that there is always enough for you. And as you take your next breath remember that it is being provided for you in abundance by a Creator who loves you beyond measure.

Breathe with intention, fully and completely, know that the love of the Creator is in each breath you take and that just as the air you breathe is provided effortlessly, so is every other need met for you when you remember that your life is a spiritual journey occurring in a material plane where everything you need is available to you. and the life you cherish and live in each moment is created from breath to the next.

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