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Uriel’s Message – Bless Everything

What if you focused, for an entire day, on blessing your life, seeking the good in everything, blessing each moment of your interaction with others? Yes, even if you are sitting in traffic, or waiting in line, or doing something that you do not like to do, practice blessing the situation. In fact, each moment of each day of your life is a miracle to be celebrated and blessed.

Many of you see life as a chore instead of a celebration, as a string of difficulties interrupted only rarely by happiness. Some of you think that the Universe made a mistake, that your life was actually supposed to be someone else’s and you spend time wishing that this were so.

Remember that your reality is based on your perception so whatever is ‘real’ today is always subject to change, as your perception changes. As you send out energy around you, you affect not only your own energetic vibration but that of the earth as well. In fact, each of you has the ability to raise the earth’s vibration with your thoughts and intention. So if you send out negative energy, you lower your vibration and that is reflected in your life. But if you bless everything, you raise not only your vibration but that of everything around you as well. And the blessings you send out multiply exponentially.

All day today, beginning at the time you awaken in the morning, practice blessing each moment of the day. If there is a situation that you would normally react to with impatience or anger, bless that situation and release it, then let it go. At first you may feel silly and this may be a frustrating exercise when you are blessing something that you would prefer to curse or to kick, but there is a purpose to this request. The purpose is to show you how a single act of blessing can affect everything around you.

As you bless the events of your day, note how people respond to you and how events that would normally turn out badly may even turn out quite differently. As you bless each moment of your life you will also notice a difference in yourself, as you feel more in touch with your Source of power. Things that you bless cannot hurt or harm you and giving blessings returns them to you, raising your own energy.

Remember that the Universe does not see things as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and the more emotion that you attach to an event, person or situation results in more of it being sent to you. So, instead of reacting with emotion to the people, events and situations in your life today, bless them. And then let them go and watch what happens.

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Message  channeled  June 21, 2004