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Uriel’s Message – Attachments to the Old

How would you describe your life at this time? Changeable, chaotic, difficult, unstable? How long has it been since it felt ‘normal’ meaning stable, predictable, in control? As all of humanity passes through the Shift everything that has defined it to date will change.

Many of the ‘old’ systems and processes will be removed or dismantled so that they can be replaced with new ones that have a higher vibration, whose purpose is to serve humanity’s Highest Good. If you have noticed that many aspects of your own life have been ‘dismantled,’ understand that these are all part of the ascension process. Instead of seeing them as things that you have lost, look at them at ways to move forward in a different direction.

How much of what you do every day brings you joy? What parts of your life bring you peace and satisfaction? Of the things that are no longer part of your life, which were things that reflected your Highest Good? How much of your life did you or have you lived for others? So much of your lives are ‘habitual,’ where you act, acquire, and respond from a lack of awareness of what you truly desire.

Are you aware that these ‘habits’ often reflect your expectations, past history, soul contracts, and karma? This deprives you of the joy of living in the moment, of appreciating the beauty, purpose, and contribution of everything in your lives. Many of you have experienced great upheaval in your lives, removing your ‘habits’ and those things that you knew as ‘normal.’

This has been difficult for you and created fear. Finding your center can help you move beyond the fear to find its source.  Then you can assess the situation and remove your attachments from those things that were not part of your the path which is true for you in this moment.

Ask yourselves, if there were no obstacles, expectations, fears, or limitations, what would you be doing at this moment?

What path would bring you fulfillment, joy and peace?

You have been told that ascension will help humanity move to a higher vibration. Accessing that vibration requires the release from attachments to those people, places and things that are part of old patterns and beliefs.

This can be a painful process because it involves ‘release’ and moving away from what was once ‘normal’ and habitual. This process will help you find your true passion and purpose, removing obstacles that may have held you back or prevented you from following the constantly shifting path of your purpose which changes as you complete healing cycles, soul contracts, and karma.

Do not grieve the past, for it cannot return to you. Use these experiences to allow yourselves to appreciate the beauty of the present moment, connect with what serves your highest purpose and joy, and achieve inner peace and harmony. Release your fears and know and trust that each moment in your lives is perfect and all is well.

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Message  channeled  April 19, 2004