The Universe is your co-creator in your life and on the earth. Everything on earth has been created through the interaction between human and divine, although the human role is often played at an unconscious level with little awareness of its power and potential. The Universe must respond with ‘yes’ to every intention because this is the mandate of Universal Law. Humanity’s free will allows it to create without limitation in the third dimension and the Universe must respond accordingly. There is no judgment for your ‘yes’, so as you ask for what you want, be aware that every request is fulfilled at the frequency, energetic vibration and dimensional space in which it is created. Do you know that every request is answered with ‘yes’?

Every thought is an empowered intention which sets creative energy in motion. There is no thought or belief that does not create a corresponding aspect in your life, on the Earth and in the Universe. But if you are not fully aligned with the results you wish to create, or if you are not fully prepared to integrate the full transformation and outcomes that will follow, the results will not be visible to you in the form you wish to have or see. While you may believe that the Universe is denying you, it is you who are denying yourself. What aspects of you and of your being are not allowing your ‘yes’ to manifest? The question you can ask is ‘where am I not prepared for my ‘yes’, rather than ‘why is the Universe telling me ‘no’? It is not possible for the Universe to deny any intention.

Be assured in the willingness of the Universe to bless you in all things. It cannot do the opposite. The Universe cannot withhold anything from you, but it also cannot give you what you do not ask for, do not believe you deserve or can have, it cannot give you what you are not willing to intend for yourself or want to create in spite of your fears. It is when your desire for evolution meets your intention for moving new energies into your life, when you are prepared to release the limitations of the prior moment and move into the expand potential of the present that you see the manifestation of your ‘yes’ as you wish to know and see it.

Anything you see as a limitation  or an unfulfilled desire is a ‘yes’ that you are not quite ready to integrate into our life and your being. Do not be angry with the Universe or with yourself (and the Universe is an aspect of your Self).  Instead, go within to know where you are not yet ready to align with your ‘yes’. Do you need to believe more strongly in your power and potential? Are you willing to release the beliefs and thoughts that block you? Is there an area in which you are not fully aligned with what you wish to manifest? When you know that the answer is always ‘yes’ from the Universe as your co-creator, you will know that any ‘no’ comes from you and can make the transformation from within to receive the abundant and fulfilling blessings of every ‘yes’.


Copyright (c) 2012 by Jennifer Hoffman. all rights reserved.