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 A Benevolent Universe

Do you knkow that we live in a benevolent Universe that wants to bless us in each moment, and waits for our invitation to allow it into our lives?

Seeking Redemption, Finding Forgiveness

We want a mirror of our worthiness when we seek redemption by suggesting, asking, or demanding that people change their behavior or actions. And yet, when we extend forgiveness, redemption no longer matters.

What Do You Empower?

We empower everything that we think and speak about. We also empower everything that we focus on. What would our lives be like if we were always aware of what we were empowering in each moment?

Bless Everything

Our energy expands with grace and ease when we are whole and wholly in our own being, no loose ends or scattered energy distracting us off of our path. Can we bless everything, even those things that we don’t like?

Accept Your Blessings

Do you feel guilty when you receive blessings and others don’t? Can you receive and accept blessings with gratitude and joy and not feel that you don’t deserve them? Blessings are ours to receive and accept, because we have asked for them.

Attachments to the Old

We fear change less than we fear losing what is familiar to us and the security we believe it provides. Once we are able to release these attachments and their energy, we can invite new purpose, potential, and possibilities into our life.

About Fear

Fear is the filter through which we limit our light, as well as the potential for joy and fulfillment in our lives. Without fear we are free to enjoy our life and live in joy.

You Live in Grace

No matter what you are doing or who you are, you live in grace, an effortless, flowing state of perfection that acknowledges your divinity, worthiness, and how much you are loved and accepted by your Source.

Where Are You Being?

It is more important for us to stay grounded on our path, even if we re uncomfortable there or feel more comfortable in other dimensions because this is part of our agreement with Source, and the fulfillment of our soul mission of ascension and evolution.

The Universe Works With You, not For You

Have you ever wondered why you don’t get help when you ask for it and desperately need it? Why doesn’t the universe solve your problems as a sign of its love and support? That’s because it works with us, not for us. It responds to us but doesn’t take charge or lead; it follows our lead when we remember that it is our co-creator, not our ‘boss’.

Light Dispels Darkness  

Originally channeled on March 22, 2004, this message seems so appropriate now, not because we’re losing the battle but because we sometimes need a reminder that the light always shines and always prevails.

The Power of Healing

This message was channeled on April 5, 2004 and it explains how powerful healing can be, when we do it with the right intention and in the right way.

What are you Worth?

Your self-worth, what you believe you are worthy of and deserve, determines what you can create in your life. No matter how much you want something, if your self worth is not aligned with it, you will not be able to create it.