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Uriel’s Message – Accept your Blessings

As you continue to integrate the transformation of ascension, walk in faith, and learn to manifest miracles in your life, blessings will come to you, for that is the law of the Universe. “Ask and you shall receive,” but you must learn to ask and then be in ‘receiving’ mode. When these blessings happen in your life and not in those of others, will you be able to accept them? Or will you feel guilt at receiving the desires of your heart while those around you are still awaiting theirs? Are you able to accept the results of your healing work and allow those around you to continue to work on their own healing path?

Now that the first part of the ascension has reached a plateau, those who have experienced great difficulty and who have stayed on their path will see the results of their healing work reflected in many parts of their lives. These results will come in many forms, some of which will transform their lives and are answers to many prayers. In many cases, this will further remove them from those in their soul group. And this may create some hesitation — do they accept the blessings  and move forward, or reject them and wait for others to ‘catch up’?

The greatest gift that you can give others is to acknowledge the importance of their healing journey by allowing them to heal according to their own abilities. It is only your judgment that creates the belief that their blessings are ‘less’ than yours, for they receive blessings in accordance with their ability to accept the abundance of the Universe. If you reject or limit your blessings because of your attachment to others, you are interfering with their healing. And you are creating limitations on your own path.

As much as you have waited and worked for your blessings to arrive, know that when they do it is because you believe that you deserve them and they reflect what you desire in your life. Every human is blessed according to their ability to create and receive, and their belief in what they deserve in their individual reality. Although you are traveling on a collective ascension journey, each of you walks an individual path. Accept each blessing that comes to you with gratitude, for it is yours, designed to meet the desires of your heart.

Move forward on your path and accept your good knowing that each individual is blessed according to their desires and willingness to receive. You cannot have ‘more’ or ‘less’ than another, for it is each individual’s beliefs about their reality that creates what they have and experience. As you live each day in grateful acceptance of your blessings, you create an example for others to follow and can teach them how to accept their good by learning to accept yours.

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Message  channeled  April 19, 2004