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Uriel’s Message – About Fear

The single most important issue facing humanity today is fear. Many of you live with fear every day — fear of losing your jobs, your homes, your relationships. For those of you experiencing difficulties during the Shift, you fear that your lives will never again be ‘normal’, that you will never again have financial security, joy, love or peace in your lives. If you have been asking your angels and guides for guidance during your times of difficulty and feel that you are not receiving answers to your questions, are you asking from a point of fear or trust?

If you ask from a point of fear, you may not be able to hear the messages that they have because fear acts as a filter that blocks your access to higher vibrations. If you ask from a point of trust, you will be able to receive and hear the answers to your questions. But in order to trust, you must move beyond the fear. The spiritual realms understand how difficult this time is for you and that the process of change that has occurred with the shift and ascension has created ‘fearful’ situations for many of you, both in your individual lives and in your world. Know that as the energy shifts there is much resistance to the changes that it is creating. The lower vibrational energy must shift, which will bring change, and that creates fear.

With so many examples of fear in your environment it is difficult not to accept this as the truth because you are surrounded by its presence.  If you are currently experiencing fear in any part of your lives, instead of submitting to it, view it from a position of detachment. Find its source. Ask yourself what you are ‘really’ afraid of. Is it the loss, change or uncertainty, or are you afraid that what is ‘lost’ will not be replaced? Remember the Universal Law of Reciprocity–what is taken away must be replaced.

Can you trust that the Universe will provide for your every need, if you can move beyond your places of fear? Fear loses its power in the face of trust because fear comes from the ego; trust comes from the heart. Most of your fears are based on past expectations and beliefs. As your fears present themselves, create the possibility that the Universe has a solution and know that when you trust, you allow the energy to flow into your lives and create solutions that address your fears.

Remember that each one of you is important in the overall collective ascension journey of  humanity and that as you raise your vibrations, you raise the vibrations of the entire planet. Release your fears and know and trust that each moment in your lives is perfect and all is well.

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