This website is dedicated to the messages of Archangel Uriel, as channeled by Jennifer Hoffman. Since 2003 I have been receiving and sharing these insights whose purpose is to help us re-align ourselves with our divine center, raise our frequency to access higher dimensions of being, and evolve into our balanced, divine/human aspects.

  Archangel Uriel’s messages encourage us to be empowered, self aware, to have strong energy boundaries, and to integrate our divinity into our humanity. This is the process of ‘aligning with the  Divine’, which is described in 4 powerful channeled messages that you can learn from in the  Align with the  Divine program.

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Archangel Uriel’s purpose at this time is to be our guide into the shift in conscious awareness, merging our humanity with our divinity, to become divine spiritual humans. This is the expression of our collective soul mission, the evolution into becoming spiritual humans, as we progress through the process of healing, learning, integration and transformation we call ascension.

The resources on this website are dedicated to helping you with your journey, you have found your way here because there is an answer  to  your questions on this site.


Here are some of the resources you will find on this site:


Read the latest Archangel Uriel’s channeled messages and Jennifer’s insights and benefit from. their inspiration, clarity, humor, timelessness and beauty.   These weekly messages have been read and loved by millions since 2004.

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